Choosing a Psychologist

There are many times in an individual’s life that could lead to needing the help of an educated psychologist. Changes in your life, the beginning or ending of relationships, as well as personal issues are all great reasons to choose to see a psychologist.

But how do you know which psychologist is the right one for you? Choosing a Fort Wayne psychologist may take a little homework on your part, but choosing the right one for you can make a big difference in the care that you receive, as well as the results you see after meeting with him or her. Here are a few great tips on researching and choosing a psychologist for the best benefits.

Call the psychologist’s office. More than likely you’ll get the chance to speak to a receptionist and obtain some important information from them. Initially, you’ll want to ask if the doctor is taking any new patients. If they are, you can then ask some other questions, such as: what fees are required, the psychologist’s education as well as experience and how long they’ve been practicing, his or her specialties as well as the type of license they hold.

Typically, the more experience and education, the better. However, if you find a Fort Wayne psychologist with a specialty and philosophy that you feel you will most likely benefit from, consider them as well as the ones who have been practicing the longest. Call at least five different offices and compare them all, and soon you’ll have chosen a psychologist that can help you along your path to enlightened mental health.

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