Choosing a Psychologist

There are many times in an individual’s life that could lead to needing the help of an educated psychologist. Changes in your life, the beginning or ending of relationships, as well as personal issues are all great reasons to choose to see a psychologist.

But how do you know which psychologist is the right one for you? Choosing a Fort Wayne psychologist may take a little homework on your part, but choosing the right one for you can make a big difference in the care that you receive, as well as the results you see after meeting with him or her. Here are a few great tips on researching and choosing a psychologist for the best benefits.

Call the psychologist’s office. More than likely you’ll get the chance to speak to a receptionist and obtain some important information from them. Initially, you’ll want to ask if the doctor is taking any new patients. If they are, you can then ask some other questions, such as: what fees are required, the psychologist’s education as well as experience and how long they’ve been practicing, his or her specialties as well as the type of license they hold.

Typically, the more experience and education, the better. However, if you find a Fort Wayne psychologist with a specialty and philosophy that you feel you will most likely benefit from, consider them as well as the ones who have been practicing the longest. Call at least five different offices and compare them all, and soon you’ll have chosen a psychologist that can help you along your path to enlightened mental health.

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Continuing Education Psychologists Need

Being in the field of psychology necessitates knowledge in a variety of areas. Continuing education psychologists need is often required for them to keep their license if they have a clinical practice. If you are in this field you may even be a teacher. Much of the knowledge gained with a psychology degree is very important for teachers.

If you are a teacher with a degree in the field of psychology then you are not likely to be required to take the same type of continuing education psychologists are required to have. This does not mean that you as a teacher should ignore expanding your knowledge. The school where you work may require some continued learning anyway. Being a teacher is a field that necessitates a broad range of knowledge even if you are only teaching one subject.

Even though you may already have a psychology degree, as a teacher it would not hurt to learn even more in this field. Working with kids can do a number on the brain of a teacher. It is important for a teacher to really understand his or her students and the age group that they are teaching. Knowing the different stages of how students think will help you a great deal as a teacher. Courses in continuing education psychologists need might be a benefit to you as a teacher as well.

Taking these courses will also look good on your resume in case you decide to change directions in your career. You could have the opportunity to become a social worker, counselor, or even a psychologist. The more courses that you have under your belt in this field, the better it will look to prospective employers.

As a teacher, you should also be reading all of the time. You could do some of this reading in topics of psychology to help you have more insight into your students. Some institutes that offer courses in continuing education psychologists use may also offer a magazine with topics in psychology and even in other topics that pertain to what you need to learn. Getting a subscription to one of these magazines may be helpful for you so that you do not have to necessarily take a course.

If you think you are too busy for extra courses, you may be right. Teachers can be very busy with making tests, grading papers, as well as having the extra-curricular activities that often come up. If you do have an hour a day though that is free, you probably have time for an online class. You might not even have to do an hour a day. You might have more time in one day, and you may be able to put in more time during that day.

Whatever the case, as a teacher, you should keep learning. Your students will appreciate it, and they will respect you for being knowledgeable in your subject matter as well as in how to deal with them.

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